Sunday, December 7, 2008


I really like the idea of making things myself for the wedding: I'd have more creative control over what the final product looks like, and it might save money, too.

I've made a list of the things that I'm considering doing myself. Do you think it's worth it?

  • Invitations and other stationery. I particularly like this one: I could save around 75% on the expense, and I am pretty comfortable with graphic design.
  • Flowers and bouquets. I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of doing these myself. If all of my flowers are dead, I would like to have someone else be contractually obligated to take the blame! So I probably won't attempt this one.
  • Centerpieces. I'm not so good with flowers, but maybe hurricane candle holders with some flowers around the base?
  • Other decorations.
  • Favors. Seems straightforward enough. Buy something edible, wrap it in something cute.
  • Music. Isn't an iPod almost as good as a DJ? :)

What else makes sense to do yourself?

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