Saturday, March 13, 2010

Week of


This week I have to
  • Reconfirm arrival times with all vendors
    I've sent emails to everyone, and my coordinator is on it!
  • Delegate small wedding day tasks to friends and family
    I haven't given this much thought, to be honest... I am hoping the coordinator will let my family off the hook. ;)
  • Send final timeline to bridal party
    Done! But I'm going to send it again so no one forgets!
  • Make arrangements for the dress to be delivered or pick it up yourself
    I brought it to my mom's house yesterday, and she'll be bringing it to the hotel on Friday.
  • Supply photographer with a list of moments you want captured
    On it!
  • Set aside checks and tip envelope for vendors
    I'll be taking care of that this week.
  • Book spa treatment
    Like I'd forget!
  • Send final guest count to caterer and venues
    We do this at the rehearsal on Thursday!
  • Break in shoes
    I've been wearing them around the house since I got them!
  • Assemble welcome baskets and distribute
    We are not providing welcome baskets.
  • Pack for honeymoon
    I'm doing that this weekend. Is it weird that I'm totally looking forward to packing?
I also have to make sure arrangements are all taken care of for the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner on Thursday night, the mehndi on Friday afternoon, and, like, make sure I don't go crazy before then.


  1. Holy shit, indeed. Good luck and congrats!

  2. Woo hoo! You're almost there! You're almost married! And post-stressball it will all be PERFECT! Can't wait to hear about all the joy.


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