Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seven to six months before (by September 20)

  • Purchase invitations and hire a calligrapher
    We "reserved" our invitations back in May, finalized the wording in July, and received them three weeks later. We won't be hiring a calligrapher—my handwriting is good enough.
  • Plan your honeymoon
    We'll be taking a trip to wine country and the Central Coast of California. We've booked all of the hotel rooms, but still need to book day trips and wine tastings (etc.). We probably won't plan every detail ahead of time, but we know where we'll be each day.
  • Shop for bridesmaids' dresses
    Dresses have been ordered online. Fingers crossed!
  • Meet with the officiant
    Yeah, um, we kind of still need to find an officiant.
  • Send save-the-date cards
    We sent these in two batches: to our friends and D's family in June, and to my family in July (since there were already two weddings in my family this summer).
  • Reserve structural and electrical necessities
    I don't know what this means, exactly, but I'm pretty sure it's included at our venue.
  • Book a florist
    I've met with two so far. One I am definitely skipping (the retainer fee is basically a 100% deposit at this point), and the other gave me an estimate that was about twice what I'd budgeted. I am going to meet with another florist eventually to see about bouquets only, but at this point I am thinking I will probably do most, if not all, of the florals myself.*
  • Procure transportation
    We haven't decided whether we're taking the complimentary shuttle from the hotel or attempting something a little more dramatic.
  • Start composing a day-of timeline
    Does an extremely rough outline count?

*Update, 10/2: We found a florist we can afford, and I'm happy to get this off my plate!

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