Saturday, August 1, 2009

One disaster averted

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My invitations arrived via UPS yesterday, as promised, so that's one potential disaster averted, right?

I'm really happy. Although receiving them was a tag-team effort, wherein I couldn't do laundry until D got home from work and he couldn't leave until the delivery person arrived, in the end it was worth it: the invitations are beautiful... even D, who doesn't care at all about paper and who was annoyed that we couldn't just send evites to our wedding, was impressed and (almost) excited.

If anyone is interested, I ordered these invitations from Invitations by Ajalon Printing & Design, based in Sonoma County, California, when they were having a special on letterpress invitations—100 invitations, envelopes, and RSVP postcards for $350 (I also paid to have my return address letterpressed into the evelopes for another $135... I absolutely love the way that looks, but I don't think I would do that if I had to redo the invitations because that was a lot of money for a relatively small touch!). Working with them was extremely easy and super-quick: I put the deposit down and signed a contract, and had my invites in my hands exactly three weeks after sending them the finalized wording. They were packaged beautifully; it would have taken some serious mishandling by UPS to damage the invitations at all. In fact, except for that little blip in shipping (which resulted more in personal panic than any actual problems), it was actually a totally perfect online shopping experience. :) And the quality is great! I feel really lucky to have beautiful letterpress invitations that didn't break my budget. (And I'm SUPER excited to start looking for paper to line the envelopes!)

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  1. Your invitations look so pretty and stylish. It must be such a relief to have them, and for them to have arrived so safely packaged.

    It also must make you feel so excited to have such a tanglible part of your wedding in your home, and almost ready to go out to all your loved ones.


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