Saturday, February 20, 2010

One month before (by February 20)

  • Put RSVPs into guestlist database and phone invitees who haven't yet responded
    I've been adding respondents as we go along, and am ready with a list of people for my parents to nag after the RSVPs are due!
  • Get marriage license
    Done! It was somewhat anticlimactic.
  • Mail rehearsal dinner invitations
    They are mailed, and they are awesome.
  • Have final dress fitting
    My second dress fitting is scheduled for next week.
  • Stock the bar
    Our venue provides the bar.
  • Send out as many final payments as you can
    I guess this would be smart.
  • Assign seating
  • Purchase bridesmaids' gifts to hand out at the rehearsal dinner
    I ended up selling the imitation pashminas and buying real cashmere ones from The Pashmina Store when I couldn't find the right brooches (and other miscellaneous items) that I wanted to add to their gifts. I am spending a little more this way, but I like the gift a lot better!
  • Write vows, if necessary
    We're not writing our own vows, but we did write our ceremony. It's been handed off to our officiant already.
  • Get hair cut and colored, if desired
    I'm getting my last trim before the wedding tomorrow!

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