Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bridesmaid gifts, Part III: Taking cover

Part I: Quality or quanitity?
Part II: A pretty package

Truth? I knew I couldn't limit myself to just a shawl, even if it was a high quality one and even though people I polled generally thought it would be a better idea than a collection of smaller things. I'd already started looking into individually selected brooches, wanted to get different bridesmaids different things that I knew they would each love (etc.), and the idea of already going $20 or more over my budget per girl (over $100 total, and likely more since there was no way I would not order myself a lovely pashmina as well!) while getting fewer cute things was sounding less and less appealing to me!

With this thought in mind, I visited Etsy seller ClassyWedding and found black paisley shawls in the same size I would have ordered for beaucoup bucks, but for only $20 each. Score!


I'll let you know how they are when we get them. In the meantime, I'm super jazzed I get to have fun shopping for more goodies for the girls!

How did you approach bridesmaid gift giving?

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