Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something(s) old

While wandering the aisles of Target (er, the picture frame aisle, more precisely, where I was looking for a 16x20" poster frame for our seating chart and found one for $5.99, score!), I started thinking about what we might do for our table numbers. Should I pick up smaller, matching frames for those, too, I wondered?

The answer was, of course not! "Matching" is just so passé these days. ;) Instead, one idea led to another and I started to get the idea in my mind that older—or at least distressed—wood would make great frames for old photos. Old wedding photos. Old wedding photos of people who are related to us, more specifically.


(Okay, so maybe these people aren't related to us. But I swear I've seen family photos like this!)

At first I thought this would be something of a pipe dream—our families are kind of small (relatively) and not excellent documentarians... would we even have enough old wedding pictures? I know I've seen my grandparents' wedding photos, my maternal great grandparents' wedding portrait, a little 5x7" from my parents' Vegas wedding, and I have digital copies of all of my mom and step-dad's wedding this past summer. Mr. Spaniel's mom has some wedding pictures from other relatives, and my dad has pictures from some of my cousins' weddings in the last twenty or so years—maybe not so old, but still important. Are there enough to get a different photo for every table? It remains to be seen, but since I still plan to number the tables rather than name them, I don't see it being a problem to have some repeats. And if we really come up short, we can always display them together at the entrance near the guestbook, and come up with something else for the table numbers.

So with that, we've finally found our "something old!" I don't know why I had such a hard time thinking of this!

What was your "something old"?

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  1. This is one I am having trouble with too. I think most times the something old and something borrowed are combined, but it would be great to have two separate things! Just came across your blog and looking forward to following along!


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