Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nine months and earlier (by June 20)

Here is what should have been done by June 20 (I'm posting this on June 25 and backdating; I'll update as I catch up!
  • Start a wedding folder
    We're using The Ultimate Wedding Workbook & Organizer to organize all of our vendor contacts and contracts. Between that, and the checklist from our venue, we're keeping (relatively) organized.
  • Work out the budget
    You can find our proposed budget here
  • Build your wedding party
    Our wedding party consists of fourteen people! We've asked our three brothers (combined), my two (future) step-sisters, two of my closest friends and my roommate, as well as all of D's close friends to stand with us on our big day. That leaves nine men and five ladies, so my two brothers will be standing with me on my side of the chuppah, where they belong!
  • Settle on a head count
    Although we would have loved a small wedding (80 people or less, realistically), families always get in the way and our guest list started at 150. This may fluctuate a little before we send invitations.
  • Hire a planner, if desired
    We may hire a Day-of Coordinator in 2010, but we've opted to forgo the wedding planner otherwise.***
  • Book the ceremony site
    This was the first thing we did in our planning. I love our venue.
  • Book the officiant
    We have an officiant booked (apparently when MoH told him about our date, he confirmed it in his calendar!), but we haven't made a commitment to him yet, so this is still an open item. We'll meet with him in a few weeks to confirm that we actually like him.*
  • Book the reception site
    The ceremony and reception are in the same location.
  • Research photographers, bands, florists and caterers
    Research? Yes. Contact? No.
  • Insert vendor contact information into a master contact list
    It's all in the workbook.
  • Throw engagement party
    My dad threw us a small engagement party for family in November.
So as of the "due date," we've finished all of the early planning on time except for confirming our officiant and researching florists. Not too bad...

* Update, 8/19: We just met with the rabbi, and D is on-board. His fee is much higher than we originally anticipated spending, but I think it's worth it. Even if it is 3% of our budget on 20 minutes of the evening. Eh!**
** Update, 8/26: Scratch that. We are still looking for an officiant.
*** Update, 9/7: We found a coordinator and are sending a deposit this week.

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