Monday, July 20, 2009

Eight months before (by July 20)

  • Book the photographer and videographer
    We've got a photographer, but we haven't chosen a videographer yet.*
  • Book entertainment
    We haven't even started on this one yet. Ack!**
  • Register
    We've registered at two stores with physical locations near our families and online options (Macy's and Crate&Barrel; we're considering adding an registry as well if people actually end up using these).
  • Purchase a dress
    I haven't bought my dress yet, but I have picked it out.***
  • Start meeting caterers
    Our venue provides catering.
  • Reserve block of hotel rooms for guests
    We found a hotel with a free shuttle for guests to our wedding venue! How cool is that?
  • Launch a wedding website
    Done. We sent out the URL with our Save the Dates.

* Update, 7/29: We booked a videographer! Only nine days late... I consider that a success, and relatively on-time.
** Update, 8/11: The DJ is booked. One one hand: thank goodness. On the other hand: I'm terrified.
*** Update, 8/25: I bought my dress this weekend!

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