Monday, June 8, 2009

Wedding look 9

Dress: Allure Bridals style 8601 (first photo taken by BM5; front and back views from official website; detail close-up photo taken by BM5), $1,110. Shoes: Martinez Valero "Waverly" Pump in white satin, $154.95 from Nordstrom. Jewelry: Lois Hill Cutout Scroll Leaf Earrings, $188 at Nordstrom; Matte Bangles (Set of 12), $48 at Nordstrom. Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy Bridesmaid styles 6503 and 2054 in black satin and tulle. Henna: image from Nomads and Housewives. Bridesmaid Shoes: Nina "Larine" Evening Sandal in black satin, $79 at Macy's. Flowers: Green wedding bouquet, image from Martha Stewart Weddings.

I'll be putting together one of these boards for Dress 3 also, but here is a look at Dress 2 first.

For Dress 2, I don't know if I'd like to wear a veil or keep it simple (since the dress already has something going on), and I haven't decided between white/silver and ivory/gold (I want ivory/silver!). I wanted to find shoes and jewelry that complemented the shape of the lace appliques on the dress, and I think these do.

These aren't the exact shoes I'll ask my bridesmaids to wear: I'm going to let them pick their own black pumps or peep-toes so that they can wear something they already have (if they have it) and be sure that they are comfortable. They've just about all agreed to do the henna with me the day before the wedding (my bridesmaids are such troopers!), so that's exciting...

I'm not dead-set on these bridesmaid dresses, but I wanted to pull the look of the swiss tulle on the wedding dress into the bridesmaid dresses—maybe there are better tulle options for bridesmaid dresses out there with both a strap/sleeve and strapless option? I'll keep looking, anyway.

I'm also pretty uncertain about these flowers. I like them, and the colors, but I think this dress needs a neater, more pulled together floral look.


  1. very pretty! just out of curiosity, do you have your wedding colors picked out? i'm guessing green, but correct me if i'm wrong. :)

  2. Shell: we're going with black, ivory and various shades of green (with maybe a little gold thrown in).

    I guess then ivory/gold would be the right choice, but I'd rather pick the dress I like more than the dress that blends more so I just need to figure which that is ;).

  3. dang girl, you are so organized!!!! I love all of your choices....but I DO like ivory/gold better than ivory/silver. sorry! ;) Ivory looks so rich with candle light....mmmmmmm.

    You are one organzied woman, that's for sure!


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