Saturday, June 6, 2009

Processing the dress process

I posted my dress dilemma both here and at WeddingBee, and emailed my bridesmaids and some friends and my mom for advice... and there is no consensus among the contingents!

Dress 1Dress 2Dress 3

But it was helpful anyway, because every time someone voted for Dress 1, I figured it was a wasted vote. It looked great on, but it's not the style that I want and I think I'd regret choosing it if I did (which I won't, so no regrets!). And that leaves two.

I was surprised at how much people online seemed to like Dress 3 (my mom doesn't even refer to it when we talk about dresses I like, but it's for sure in my Top 2), but I found myself concerned that everyone was disagreeing with me... and when I realized that it felt like a disagreement, I realized that there couldn't be one (a disagreement) unless I had already made my choice, which is Dress 2. :) See how much you all helped me?

But I'm really not totally certain between 2 and 3—admittedly, Dress 2 was the least flattering of the three (but it was still very pretty, I thought, and no one at my wedding will be doing a side-by-side comparison!), and Dress 3 is exactly the shape that I thought would look best on me. But the beading in Dress 2 has always really appealed to me (it reminds me of the Pakistani "dress" that I'd get if I (1) could afford it, and (2) weren't such a chicken!), while the bling on Dress 3 is kind of... eh.

The price difference between the two is only $80, so I can't really make my decision that way. Arg, I don't know yet. More thinking to be done! (By the way, anyone with an opinion can certainly still vote. I haven't made up my mind yet, and I enjoy your input. Even if I might not ultimately follow it. :)

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