Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding look 3

I just couldn't resist. Here are two bridal looks, one that I wouldn't do (aside from the price, which is over my dress budget, it's a little too "ethnic"... but man, I love that dress!), and one inspired by it, which I would definitely do!

Dress: Mint Charlton bridal lengha from Bargello, $1,900. Bridal necklace and earrings from RC Jewellers of Delhi, image from Indian Gem and Jewelry Magazine. Henna on hands and feet, image from HennaMe Happenings. Shoes: Jaipoori Juti from Germes Online. Bangles from General Shingar House.

I could never imagine getting married in an actual sari, or in the traditional Indian red and gold—I'm only half, and I'd feel like a jerk—but I found this and I just love love love the dress (which is actually a skirt/lehenga and top). LOVE it. But it is heavily beaded—really heavily beaded... like, I bet that thing weighs a ton. So here's another take on it.

Dress: Milana by Maggie Sottero, $1,025. Earrings and necklace, images from Jewelry Adviser [sic] Weblog. Fiona headband from Tigerlilly, $350. Shoes: image from Blissful Weddings & Events. Wrap from David's Bridal.

I love how they even have the same hairstyle ;). I am definitely drawn to dresses with straps/sleeves, and I love the way this dress sparkles.


  1. Ooo I love that first dress. A friend of mine got married last fall and she had henna done, but she's also Pakistani so it was part of their way of combining traditional cultural stuff with American stuff. The result was soooo beautiful, especially combined with her American style simple white dress. It would have definitely stood out more on someone who is paler, though.

    At the "henna party" the day before the wedding her father told us that traditionally, a new husband is not supposed to allow his wife to do any housework until the henna is completely gone - around 2-3 weeks. I think its such a sweet sentiment.

    I also like the idea of a more colorful shoe peeping out from under a longer dress. Oh god I'm going to turn into a complete nutter when I get to do this for real and not just vicariously through you.

  2. If I were full Pakistani, this would be less of an issue... but since I'm half, and D is none at all... one doesn't want to cross the line into being kitschy, you know? I think I will, though, just to make sure every culture is represented. ;)

  3. If you're into the henna, you could just do your feet/legs? Then its not as obvious to others but you still get to have fun with it (and with your bridesmaids?)

    Oh god, I'm going it again - the wedding planning for a wedding that is not mine.....must resist....gah...

  4. Haha, no, I totally understand and welcome it. I only have so many ideas, and I'm not so stuck on any of them that I can't get more ideas from other people!


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