Sunday, December 20, 2009

Three months before (by December 20)

  • Finalize the menu and the flowers
    We have our menu (chicken with artichoke, prime rib, and goat cheese ravioli—can I have all three?) and our flowers.
  • Order favors, if desired
    We'd like to do favors, but have opted not to in order to keep the budget under control.
  • Create a toast makers' list
    We are still thinking about this one. The Best Man, my dad... we have to decide if we want a bit of "open mic", but we don't plan to insist on anyone else speaking. ;)
  • Finalize readings
    We are only sure about the Khalil Gibran reading, but not who we will ask to read it!
  • Purchase the rings
    Done and done. I love them!
  • Finalize order of the ceremony and reception
    The ceremony is pretty much written; the reception needs some work.
  • Print menu cards and programs
    It's not done yet, but it will be finished before I start the spring semester.
  • Purchase undergarments and visit dressmaker for second fitting
    I have my undergarments... but my dress is still not in. :-/
  • Send schedule to vendors
    I still need to come up with this schedule thing.

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