Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Accessorizing on the cheap

I didn't feel much of a need to splurge on accessories—they were either going to be gifts from family members (a South Asian custom), or bought on the cheap.

I wasn't sure what Papa Spaniel would come back home with from his trip to Pakistan (if anything), so I made sure to have some back-ups on hand. First were the earrings. I knew I wanted something big, gold, and kind of over the top, so I picked up these from Blue Fly.

Ben-Amun chandelier earrings (source)

Cost to me: FREE, with a gift certificate I won to Blue Fly from Weddingbee over the summer!

I didn't want to wear a necklace with my strapless, straight-across dress, but I definitely wanted some bangles, and I happened to find these on sale at Gilt a few months ago.

Armita Singh bangles (source)

Cost to me: $36, and I've already got a ton of use out of them.

Since I'm not buying any other pieces, my total jewelry cost is $36. I wasn't expecting to spend much, but that's even better than I'd hoped. :)

I might as well tell you about my shoes, while I'm at it. I found these on sale at Nine West before I'd actually bought my dress, but I waited on them until after the purchase was made... and then they were no longer available in the store. But I knew I had to have them, because they were the most comfortable heels I've tried on in a long time! Luckily I could still find them on the website for a little while longer!

Expressor by Nine West (source)

Cost to me: $40, approximately, and I will definitely wear these again after the wedding.

So if we're counting, that means that all of my accessories (the ones above, plus my veil which is borrowed, my purse which was $78, and my hair comb which was $72) cost me a grand total of $226. I could definitely have skipped the clutch and spent less, but I think it wasn't too bad... it leaves me with $750 for alterations, hair and make-up before I hit my budget. So unless I gain or lose a lot of weight quickly, I think I'm good! :)

Did you find any great deals on your accessories?

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