Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm not sure how important finding the right bridal clutch is. At least, I wasn't sure, until I thought I let the perfect one sell out.

French clutch, $78 ao3designs

The price was a little more than I'd wanted to spend (I was looking to keep it under $50, since I know I will never use an ivory clutch again!), but the match is probably the most perfect thing I've ever seen. It matches just about perfectly with everything I'm wearing, from the ivory and gold on my dress to the diamond pattern in the background. Me loves.

In addition to Clutch Perfection, I was also considering Clutch Pretty Darn Good.

Elegance in Venice, $45 at Misma

Jet Set, $45 at Misma

Jessica McClintock rose flap clutch, $28 at Nordstrom

The prices were better, but when I thought I was relegated to one of them instead of Clutch Perfection, I was kind of bummed out. (Which is how I knew it was worth the extra moolah!)

Luckily, I'm an Etsy newb and just didn't understand the way it worked: the listing I had bookmarked did sell out, but that didn't mean there wasn't another one available—Clutch Perfection could still be mine! (Of course I snapped it up immediately; it's now on its way!)

Will you carry a purse on your wedding day? How did you find yours?


  1. I love the Clutch Perfection! Yes, etsy is rad like that, the sellers will hook it up big time, especially for handmade items. and yes, I said "rad."

  2. That is way cute! Great find!

    lol PPG you are rad! ;)


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