Monday, November 23, 2009

Inspiration I could have lived without!

One item I never included in our more detailed wedding budget was my veil. I didn't need to—I have a hand-me-down! It's an ivory, elbow-length veil that my mom wore at her wedding to my step-father this past summer.

Photograph by Ken Portnoy

(I'd only use the back veil, not the blusher.) It's perfect for me since it doesn't have any additional embellishments—I feel like my dress is embellished enough!

Still, when I saw these mantilla veil photos at The Sari-Clad Bride, I had to reconsider my commitment to the simple veil.

(Photographs by David Schwartz Photography, via)

Too pretty, but my wallet hurts to think about trying to find something like this!

Did you find any great inspirations that you had to talk yourself down from?


  1. Love mantilla veils. I'm wearing my Mothers veil too. But I keep seeing photos of cute birdcage veils and long cathedral veils and I want them all! Never thought I'd be into veils, but you only really get one chance to wear one!

  2. Oh, that was a beautiful veil! I have decieded not to wear a veil, but every time I see them I have to talk myself into not doing any rush decisions =)

  3. I love that veil, but I also think it's really special when you can incorporate items from your parent's or grandparent's weddings into your own. I know that I want to wear a Cathedral veil and I'm going to talk to my dress maker about having one made and what the cost would look like on something like that...I'm hoping that I can get it done within my budget. :)

  4. @Crystal: I agree about using pieces from parents' or grandparents' weddings... it's especially hard (since my parents and grandparents are both divorced) to find something that I felt comfortable using, but a practically new veil seemed safe. ;) Good luck on getting your veil made!

  5. Oh I love the veil it's amazing! That is so cool you get to wear your Mom's veil, how awesome!!


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