Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ready to be mailed

D's bunch of Save the Dates have been addressed, stuffed, sealed, and stamped, and are ready to go by the post office tomorrow. We are still waiting on confirmation on one international address (the Best Man lives in southeast Asia! I'm sure planning the bachelor party will be interesting... although he may have moved back to the States by then), but the rest are all finished.


My side will get mailed off in July and August, after my mom's and FSS's weddings. And then I will seriously have nothing left to do except for the boring and tedious work (other than the dress, of course—seriously, I had just decided on Dress 3 when someone at WeddingBee commented that Dress 2 is perfect and Dress 3 doesn't flow right on my body, and her fiancé agrees. Gah! Who are all y'all anyway? ;).

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