Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I had thought our Save the Dates would arrive yesterday, but instead I got the email from the vendor that they were, in fact, shipped yesterday. Oops. I forgot to account for production time. :) We should get them by Friday, and this gives us plenty of time to get non-liberty bell postage! I mean, I don't really mind the FOREVER stamps, but they're kind of boring.


It was a tough call between the "Celebrate" and "King and Queen of Hearts" $0.44 stamps (sufficient postage for the Save the Dates, at least!), but I ended up ordering three sheets of the King and Queen stamps. It's true, fifteen of our seventy-five Save the Dates (I'm just going to start calling these STDs like everyone else, okay? This is getting silly) will not be going out with cutesy postage, but at least six of those will be mailed internationally (so I'll take them to the post office), and I don't feel like dealing with leftover cutesy stamps when I have a whole bunch of liberty bell stamps anyway (since we're sending postcard RSVPs and heavy invitations, we wouldn't be able to use the leftovers on our wedding invitations anyway... although maybe the thank you cards? Hm, a thought).

So hopefully the stamps end up in my mailbox at the same time (or before!) the STDs so I can send these suckers off!

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