Monday, June 1, 2009

Learning from FSS's wedding

FSS asked for my mailing address several weeks ago to send invitations, but I still hadn't received mine as of yesterday. I asked my mom if she was ever going to send them, when my FSF (future step-father) announced that he had them all and just hadn't brought them to the post office yet. So he handed me mine and D's.

The first thing I noticed? Her father had put $0.44 stamps on each envelope! On a heavy wedding invitation! It's a good thing he handed me mine so I could tell him to take it to the post office and get it weighed—I'm sure FSS wouldn't appreciate a bunch of returned invitations for insufficient postage!!!

The second thing I noticed (once I opened the invitation) was that her direction card was printed on regular computer paper on a quarter-sheet. Why am I so dumb sometimes when it comes to invitations and saving money? I was all ready to have mine professionally printed at Envelopper Inc. on 4 x 5¼" cards, designed to match my invitations as closely as possible, for almost $100. What was I thinking? I can do this practically for free on my own printer! Jeez, A. Start using your brain already!

Anyway, designing these took all of five minutes: I've listed directions from the north (my family), the south (D's family and all of our friends), and the east (the airport for our out-of-town and international guests, although I'm sure they'll be staying at hotels to the north or the south!), and our website URL where they can look up hotel information and graphic maps (*cough*and our registries*cough*—oh yeah, that was the other thing I noticed about her invitation: her registry cards both fell out at me and I thought to myself that this is probably not how I'll notify my bridesmaids where I'm registered!).

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  1. Haha - good thing you caught the postage problem! That could have been kind of catastrophic!

    I'll be printing our invitations from our home printer (I'm a major cheapie when it comes to the invites) but we'll be using cardstock. I think we bought a ream for only $12. A little classier than regular printer paper but still cost effective!


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