Friday, May 29, 2009

Address collecting

The Save the Dates should arrive by Monday, so I'm starting the arduous task of address collecting this weekend. Conveniently enough, since my mom is getting married in only four weeks, we've already assembled most of the addresses I need for her side of the family (although I won't be sending out Save the Dates to them until after her wedding passes; I wouldn't want to overwhelm anyone!). But my dad's side? And D's family? Ugh.

D's parents send out Christmas cards to all of their guests every year, so they have addresses. What they don't have are names. They have one couple that is unmarried, and they send invitations to His Full Name & Hershortenedfirstname... I don't even think they know what her last name is. The problem came up more than once when I was helping D address his graduation announcements last summer! And I kind of want to do this right, you know?

And don't even get me started on postage. Many of my dad's guests are in Pakistan, and I don't even want to think about how much it will cost when I actually mail them invitations! (And what kind of postage do you put on the RSVP postcards? My god!)

Oh, and of course there is the problem presented by my grad student friends. Most of us move away for summer internships (or fall internships), so even if I get their addresses this weekend for the save the dates (which I should already have because of how often I am at their apartments, but I am never paying attention to what street I'm actually on), I'll have to get them again for the invitations anyway. Annoying!


  1. Oh no! Thanks for reminding me! I have the arduous task of collecting addresses (and full names! and correct spellings! I can't trust some of the creative spellings steve has given me so far...) in the next two months.

    Could you e-mail save the dates to your grad student friends? then maybe send the official save the dates in fall when everyone's in a more permanent residence?

  2. Shell: You know what? That is probably the best, most logical idea I have ever heard (emailing save the dates). Why in the world did that not cross my mind??? :)

  3. Emailing the RSVPs for STDs is definitely the way to go.

    I had the same problem w/ addresses for wedding invitation and my grad school friends. I just ended up hand giving it to them. It was much easier, even though Emily Post or Martha Stewart might have gasped at me for not following proper etiquette. :P

    My one friend actually had a website set up for guests to RSVP page for the wedding date. She wanted to avoid the possibility of the RSVP being lost in the mail (since she also had a lot of overseas guests). A lot of her guests thanked her for that approach.

    Our overseas guests just ended up calling and RSVPing too. I kinda wished we didn't waste so much on our postage at that time :S


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