Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Who needs the Electric Slide?

Not when you've got bhangra!

(Think we can talk our bridal party into this one?)

So we've booked our DJ, officially, with deposits and all. AH! I am so relieved, and so afraid. ;) She says she specializes in bhangra and "ethnic" music, and, well, that's what we're giving her: a classical/pop music as performed by a string quartet for the ceremony; jazzy, easy-listening tunes for the cocktail hour and most of dinner; and some crazy bhangra-salsa-flamenco-hip hop-80s pop-rock n' roll mix for the rest of the evening. (Hey, we never promised any particular ethnicity.) I hope she's good. :)

I also met with a florist today. I'm pretty comfortable using them, although I haven't booked them yet: a $500 retainer fee stands between us! Maybe in a few weeks.

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