Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Accessories abound

I haven't actually bought my dress yet (GAR! but soon!), but that hasn't stopped me from buying my accessories!

You already know I bought my bangles.
Amrita Singh India Bangle Set (of 36), $38 each at Gilt Groupe ($90 retail)

They fit (not always a given with bangles because of my mini-wrists and normal-sized hands), and I like them, so they're a go.

Well, magic of all magical things, when Weddingbee did a $200 giftcard giveaway to BlueFly back in June, I won! There was some small drama getting my card thanks to USPS, and LOTS of drama redeeming it, but I finally had the credit applied in my account this morning and immediately purchased the items that had been sitting in my cart/periodically replaced into my cart because my cart gets emptied every now and then for weeks. And you know they were wedding related!

Unfortunately, $200 to offset the cost wasn't enough to get me a hot pair of Louboutins to wear on wedding day, not to mention there weren't any available in my size that I would have liked to wear. But after suffering through a couple of weddings in 4" heels, I've decided that it isn't all about the hotness all the time (and the shoe-lover in me can't believe I'm writing this). At my own wedding, I don't want my time on the dance floor cut short by achy feet. So, while I will either wear my green/gold strappy heels for the ceremony or some other gold pair that I haven't found yet, for the reception, I'm rocking the flats. But not just any flats: these flats.

Jeffrey Campbell Gold Embellished Sateen 'Indian' Flats, $80 at BlueFly

Love! Thank goodness for the 60-day return policy, in case they don't fit (like my Cole Haans didn't fit... y'all are lucky I never got around to documenting the horror that was my feet after the last time I wore those suckers!). Hopefully if they don't fit, I can exchange them for the right size this time. ;)

I also picked up these earrings, which will hopefully not turn out to be too long or heavy once my piercings heal.

Ben-Amun Gold Filigree Drop Chandelier Earrings, $63 at BlueFly

And since I won't be wearing a necklace most likely, that pretty much does it for the accessories!

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