Sunday, August 9, 2009


I got my ears pierced today! I took a picture a little later to share with you all (I am that dedicated: I got home and made D take a picture with my cell phone solely to post to the blog), and I've learned two things from the experience.

(personal image)

One, I have a freckle on my ear. I did not know that. And two, professional piercers are the only people you should ever allow to stick a metal rod into your body (unless it's, like, a surgeon for actual medical purposes). It's kind of intimidating to go into a piercing shop when you don't look like you have an alternative bone in your body—it's in my heart, man—but if you go to people who really know what they are doing they will educate you and treat you well, no matter what you look like. And I feel like I got better post-care advice than I did even from my doctor the last time I had my ears pierced, so there's even a chance that this piercing will stick!

Ah! I'm so excited. They don't even hurt! And the holes are large enough that I might even be able to wear the earrings my aunts are sending from Pakistan (they usually have huge posts compared to what you buy here in the States). Yay!


  1. Your ear looks wonderful. You'd swear you were always pierced. And those earrings from your Aunt sound amazing, hope they arrive safely.

  2. Thank you! I'm really having a great experience this time--there is no pain, no swelling, no bleeding, nothing... just a bit of itching in one ear, which is actually not a bad thing since it indicates that the wound is healing. It's not even moderately uncomfortable other than that!


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