Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shot through the heart... or pierced, really. And it's through the earlobes, not the heart, if we're being honest here

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My ears were first pierced when I was seven-years-old at a hair salon, and it didn't go very well: the piercings were immediately infected, and my mom didn't want to do all the necessary cleaning to get them to heal and so we let them close. My ears were pierced again when I was sixteen, this time at a dermatologist's office. I can't remember if she used a gun, but I think so. It hurt, it got infected, but I was old enough to care for it myself and after several weeks, they healed and I was able to wear and change earrings for a few years without too much trouble. But I apparently got carried away by this ear piercing success and my ability to wear normal jewelry, got a second lobe piercing in each ear three years later, and had to start the whole healing process all over again. But wouldn't you know, two holes in your body in such close proximity tend to want to spread infections back and forth?

I decided to take out the second set of earrings, and to put in a pair of hoops into the first hole that I knew were really easy to keep clean... but once I took out the pair that were already in the first hole, I couldn't put another pair in: my lobe was too swollen. By the time the swelling went down, the hole had closed.

So for nine years, I've had unpierced ears, but a strong and abiding love of earrings. Not only do I love them, but I really, really want to wear a great pair of heavy chandelier earrings for our wedding day, so I really need to do this soon to make sure they are 100% healed before then. So this Sunday—the day after SS's wedding (I would hate to have red, swollen ear lobes in her pictures ;)—I am going into a body piercing studio and getting this done once and for all! ACK! I am totally being a baby about this, but I'm scared. Hold me!

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  1. That all sounds so painful. I hope it goes smoothly for you.

    I sort of know what you mean though. I long to wear amazing and long earrings, but my skin is very likely to scar so I've had to stay away from it. Best of luck for yours though.

    Oh, interestingly I did pierce a girl's ear once, when I worked at a jewellery store during High School. I was in training mode at the time, and was asked to pierce one ear, just to show them I would/could do it. I did, and it turned out great... however the lady training me did not take as much care as I did, and put the other hole in a less attractive spot. It was quite obvious too. Poor girl.

    Months later I saw the same girl at school and asked if her ears were ok and if she minded the wonkly positioning. She didn't. She said she really liked the side I did, but had decided to just put up with the other ear. I admired her self esteem.

    Hoping you have the best of luck with your attempt.


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