Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loved the photographer; tentatively booked her

So I met with the photographer today, saw more samples of her work, and talked prices. Our total budget for photography/videography/albums/etc. is $3,000. Her basic package is $3,500, but by cutting the number of hours, we're able to get down to just under $2,400 (plus tax). That means: cheaper videographer (which is fine, because I so don't care about that), and some money out of other categories will be going into album printing (including the e-pic guestbook).

For our money, we get the engagement shoot, five hours of wedding day photography (which is short, but the most we can afford), a second photographer, and high-res images. She has shot at our venue before and I love her compositions, so I am excited about this.

The deposit is 30% of the total cost, which I don't have right now, but she's promised a "right of first refusal"—so if someone else wants the date, I need to come up with the money right away (and if not, I can put it off until I have money in the bank again).

WOOHOO! Another item off the to do list!


  1. Congrats!

    Did you ask if you guys can keep the digital negatives?

  2. We get all of the digital images on DVD. I always thought that's what digital negatives are?

  3. Yes yes. They are.

    That's good you get them all on DVD. Some of my friends didn't and they regretted it so much later!


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