Friday, June 26, 2009

All of our friends have STDs

Save the Dates, that is! D just got confirmation that the Laotian contingent (Best Man and his girlfriend who are living in Laos just because they felt like it) have now received our Save the Date magnets (which means the part of his family living in France probably has, also!). Woo!

This is all very exciting to me: for months after booking the venue, I really did very little for the wedding (except for putting a deposit down on a steal for letterpress invitations. But in the past week, I've (loosely) confirmed that we have a rabbi to perform the ceremony*, a photographer for beautiful pictures, and have changed my mind 25 more times (at least) about the dress. :) This is progress, people!

* As it turns out, MoH didn't just get her rabbi's contact information for me, she actually got him to confirm the date and it's already in his calendar! We're obviously going to wait until we meet him before we make the same kind of commitment, but he's available and willing if we want him!

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