Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Catching up on the list!

I finally went ahead and asked for that contact information from MoH, and also put in a referral request at for a rabbi to officiate our wedding. It's entirely possible that we won't be able to get a rabbi at all—our wedding will probably be an hour before sundown on Shabbat. This doesn't matter to me—I don't really care if Israel recognizes our marriage or not—but it will probably matter to most rabbis, even the ones who would be willing to perform an interfaith wedding in the first place.

I'm meeting with the really amazing photographer tomorrow afternoon.

I think I'll put off the florist and the DJ search until after my mom's wedding. The florist I'm not looking forward to, and the DJ... well, maybe her's will work for me, and it'd be cool to see him in action first. But I'd like to find someone for under $1,000, if my photography budget is going to "grow," so we'll see.

And THEN I will figure out what stuff comes next on the to-do list!

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