Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Contemplating completely busting the budget...

...on photography. You know, on the one thing that outlasts the day? The thing that's more important than the tux you have to return, the dress you'll end up selling eventually (or that your daughter will be horrified you've offered to let her wear because god, mom, that's sooooo 2000s), the drinks no one will remember (especially when they're good), or the food that will stay with you just a little longer than you'd like?

Well in any event, I have a bit of a love affair with good wedding photography, but a small, small budget. There are lots of photographers in my price range, but I haven't seen any whose work inspires me. I have, however, seen lots of those photographers (the inspiring ones!) with $5,000 minimum charges. :(

So I just found a photographer whose work was really impressive, with a $3,000 minimum (although her smallest package is $3,500). I told her I loved her portfolio but that she was a little out of our price range (and by a little, I should have said a lot... but I think this is one of those things worth stretching for if we can meet somewhere in the middle) and that we'd love to work with her if she was willing to work with us and our teeny tiny budget. AND SHE ACTUALLY EMAILED ME BACK! So yay!

Meeting on Thursday. Hopefully she is still available when I can put the deposit down in late August, if we can make a deal. ;)


  1. That sounds exciting, I hope she will be able to work with you. I agree that photography is a lasting memory, and is a particularly important element.Good luck.

  2. That's really great that the photographer is so accomodating! I hope the meeting works out well!


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