Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Behind on my to-do list

Other than making an appointment with a photographer (who may be one of many; we'll see), I haven't really been staying on top of my planning timeline (see sidebar). In fact, I'm so behind that I haven't even updated the list of things I need to do now that it's June 24 and the wedding is less than nine months away!

I'll update the sidebar by this weekend, but I probably won't have met with any DJs, officiants, or florists by then. ;) But I would like to have a significant handle on all of these vendors by August sometime... I'd hate to have to do all of the major planning within six months of the wedding; that sounds like a nightmare!


  1. I had a friend once. He was doing gradschool two provinces away. He came back for winter break and said he did the bulk of the wedding planning in one week. Dress for his bride, tuxes, photog, venue etc. I couldn't believe it! It must've been so stressful for him, but the wedding was fab!

  2. Paige: I think I would lose my mind!!!


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