Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Might be ordering invitations... REALLY EARLY

I've been really interested in letterpress Invitations by Ajalon since I first saw their ad on Facebook and ordered a free sample. The paper and print quality is gorgeous, and we all know how I feel about letterpress, right?

Anyway, for the past two months, they've been running a special on letterpress invitations, offering 100 invitations and RSVP postcards for $350, which is a really good price for letterpress! But I haven't completely loved the designs they've had available (they were nice, but not what I was going for). The special ended on April 30, but when I checked back this past weekend, the special was still posted, and MORE designs have been listed for the special! I really, really love the Baroque design, so I emailed them this past weekend to see if they would still honor the special price. And they will! So I'm going to make a deposit right away for those invitations. We're going to pay the extra $135 to get the return address letterpressed on the envelope (seems like a lot of money for that particular service, but it looks so much nicer to me), and I'll just have the thank you cards and ceremony programs digitally printed (or maybe do they myself!) to save some cash.

Unfortunately, I can only make a deposit and not actually order them right away, because I'm uncertain about the wording. For one thing, my mom still hasn't decided if she will change her last name after her wedding later this summer (she's been using my dad's name for more than 35 years, and has built a professional reputation with it, but it's her ex-husband's name...). And for another, we're not sure at exactly what time we're going to start the ceremony! So we'll have to figure that out first.


  1. I drool over letterpress thinsg too.
    When is your wedding since you say ordering the invitations are really early?

  2. 3-20 next year. I know, I need a countdown on the sidebar. :)


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