Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Designing our invitations

I love letterpress, but the prices on letterpress invitations usually send me running for the hills. However, I've found a few companies where we might be able to get our whole invitation suite (invite, response card, printed envelopes, thank you cards) for under $700, if I can provide the artwork. Hm.

A few years back (okay, many years back), I was really into graphic design and actually knew how to use Illustrator. But I haven't really used it since the year 2000(!) and I'm kind of... HORRIBLE at it now. But I've still come up with something in a few hours of playing around. If I could go to a real designer and custom-design the invitations, they would look a lot different. But, considering I can't afford to do that, what do you think? :)

(Obviously, these are not any of our real names. But if I were marrying a "Lobsterson," I think my angst over changing my name would take a totally different tone!)

Not sure. Don't trust myself.


  1. I think your sense of design is still with you. I like what you have done. I invite you to our site which offers a number of solutions to the high cost of letterpress. We can combine runs and we can also use digital printing to keep the total cost of the invitation set down.

  2. I was too caught up misreading Hatter as Hater and being like "your mom married someone named Hater? Whaaat?"

    Good laughs.

  3. David - I do love Invitations by Ajalon, and am considering ordering if they go on special again closer to the date. But the regular prices are out of my budget. :(

    Laughing - Although neither are her real name, "Hater" is actually closer, and I was considering using it on the mock invite but didn't want to distract too much :). Glad it was good for a laugh!


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