Monday, May 4, 2009

Actually possible wedding day jewelry

I have decided (with near certainty!) that I will end up getting henna on my hands and feet for my wedding day. In fact, I think other than actually being married to the love of my life, it's the part of my wedding that I'm most looking forward to! I'm thinking of having mine done earlier in the day on Friday, before the wedding party and family start gathering, so that I can actually pay some attention to other people for a few minutes (maybe!) :). Or maybe not. I'm super, super excited about this part and I can't wait to see how it will end up looking! The last time I had this done was at a cousin's wedding four years ago... I took pictures on my cell phone, but that was two cell phones ago :). It was so hard to sit still, but so awesome to look at!

I'm planning to choose my bridal jewelry with my henna in mind—I don't want to cover too much of the design, but since I think I might prefer not to wear a necklace, I want to wear something on my wrists. In keeping with the South Asian style of the mehndi, I think I'll probably end up wearing silver (or gold, depending on the color of my dress) bangles (instead of some other kind of bracelet), like these that I found at Nordstrom for $48 and $58.

Question is, would I need to buy two of each (for each wrist)? If so, I think I'd ask my aunts to send some from Pakistan, or my dad to pick some up the next time he visits. More authentic, less expensive. :)


  1. I think the henna is lovely on its own! No need for jewellry on the wrists!

  2. Paige: I agree... but it's part of the Pakistani bridal style :).


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