Thursday, March 19, 2009

It will be a busy week

I think I've got the wedding schedule down, now: one week prior will be the bachelor/bachelorette parties (no, they will not be together); two days prior will be the rehearsal and dinner, the day prior will be the mehndi party with the families and bridesmaids, day of will be... well, the day of. :)

MoH and BM5 will be planning the bachelorette party on the Friday or Saturday before the wedding in my neighborhood, so I shouldn't need to do any planning there.

I'll probably have to plan the whole rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. Our reception site is about an hour plus in traffic from where we live, so we'll need to do this on that side of town, rather than our own. We'll probably do it at the restaurant which was our second choice for our wedding reception. But other than booking the event and sending invitations, I won't be doing any extra work here—decorations for a rehearsal dinner? Yeah right.

My mom might help me plan the mehndi party on Friday night, but I think that will mostly be my baby. I'm planning to hire a henna artist to do my mehndi and any bridesmaids that want it, at my apartment. I like to think that I'd make Pakistani food for everyone there and we'd make a mellow night of it, but that kind of sounds like a lousy way to spend the day before my wedding! So I'll probably have to have some kind of food catered... something cheap, because this event isn't part of my wedding budget. Damn.

And then, W-Day. Nails, hair, make-up, marriage. Woo! I think we'll need a hotel room in the neighborhood for myself and bridesmaids to (finish) get(ting) ready before heading down to the venue.

Arg. This is all going to be time-consuming and expensive. I'm sure that it will be fun, too! :)

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