Sunday, May 3, 2009

How could I forget about Lynn Lugo?

Seriously, although I have loved them from the day I first saw them, I didn't consider Lynn Lugo bridesmaid dresses until a few minutes ago... what was I (not) thinking? I'd let each girl pick the tea length dress of her choice in black, and any accent piece (sash, hem, whatever) in another color (apple or gold, probably). The prices are a little steep (approaching $300), though... and as much as I love the dresses and the length, I'm not sure anyone else would want to wear it again so it might be a lot to ask them to spend...

What do y'all think of these dresses? Cute? Worth the price?


  1. Thet look great, they really 'pop' and have a very attractive classic style. They have real class. And you can easily have different colours and accents, with it still matching each other perfectly.

    The only thing I would ask you is, are they too high sheen for you, and your eventual dress?

  2. I think that the dresses are still re-wearable in spite of the high sheen (well maybe not the right most one). They are very pretty!

  3. CA: I think it does depend on the dress I end up with... I don't mind the sheen, but you're right: if I end up in chiffon or lace, the styles may not go together very well. So I'll reserve a decision for after I pick my own dress. :)

    Paige: I agree, especially in black... they'd make good holiday party dresses ;).


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