Friday, June 19, 2009

Natural jewelry cleaner

For the first six months that I had my engagement ring, I didn't clean it. Shocker! I know it's a sacrilege to let such an important piece of jewelry get dirty, but I didn't really know what to use to clean it that would be safe for the metal, the diamond, and the earth. I did eventually buy something, but it wasn't terribly natural and I wasn't particularly happy with it.

So I just found Enviro-Rite Allergen-free Natural Jewelry Cleaner via Earth Friendly Weddings, and I'm planning to order it soon. I have high hopes! It's made for people with allergies, asthma and "chemical sensitivities," contains no hazardous ingredients, phosphates, petroleum distillates, chlorine, perfumes, dyes or animal by-products... so it's perfect for semi-hippies like me and Mr. Spaniel. :) Especially Mr. Spaniel. He didn't even let me move my old jewelry cleaner into the new apartment. ;)


  1. I wished you had written this 2 wks ago, b/c I recently broke down to buy jewellery cleaner. I had been using this method I found on the internet where you soak you ring in hot soapy dish detergent, followed by a rinse and windex. It worked extremely well. I thought it worked well until I caved into buying something more harsh fr. the jeweller and found it to clean even better. I felt a twinge of guilt using the harsher chemicals.

  2. Paige: I wish I'd known about it earlier, too! I'm hoping it works as well as the chemical stuff.


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