Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is not a dress rehearsal

The Spaniel-in-laws have been really supportive throughout the wedding planning process, and are throwing us this awesome rehearsal dinner to boot. So last night, Mr. Spaniel and I decided to help them out a bit by throwing together some invitations.

I really wanted to keep the rehearsal dinner vibe fun and festive and colorful, which means I tried to resist the draw to my usual clean, simple aesthetic and not just copy these invitations.


Even though I really, really wanted to.

Instead, I focused more on invites like these.


But good intentions are all for naught when your color ink jet runs out of red and yellow inks! "Black and blue" is not exactly our theme for the evening, so I was able to indulge my inner boring invitation girl, and I came up with these.

Without illustrations, these couldn't have been simpler to make. I created a 4.5x6.5" document in Word and used the Jane Austen font from Dafont, which I love and have been dying to use for something. I had a lot of leftover blank invitation cards from a previous project (non-wedding related!) that I got from Cards and Pockets that I just threw in the inkjet (my laser printer can't handle such small paper), and then I used some leftover double-sided tape to get them onto black mats—made from scraps from the programs (which were conveniently 5x11"... now if only I could think of a job for the 5x4" scraps that are left!).

(personal photo)

The part of these invitations that I got really excited about were the black envelopes. I'd wanted to use black inner envelopes for our wedding invitations with names written in gold, but by the time I thought of it, I'd already printed return addresses onto the cream envelopes and didn't want to spend any more money. So instead, I addressed the rehearsal dinner invitations in gold ink—an excellent test for the black place cards I plan to make! I used a gold calligraphy pen with a 1.0 mm nib—it was a little thick, actually, but I couldn't find a finer point.

What did you do for rehearsal dinner invitations?

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  1. I love the table one... they are all so cute and love the black envelope idea!!!



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