Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding planning from 250 miles away

Since going on vacation, I've made an appointment with a florist (recommended by MoH—he did her wedding ten years ago!), a rabbi (well, actually I have an appointment to call his assistant/"keeper of the calendar" to make an appointment with him), and booked half of our honeymoon. In the interest of saving money on flights, we'll be doing a road trip up to wine country and down the central coast, which should be really beautiful (and COLD) in March. We've booked the wine country leg, and FMIL has offered to put us up for two nights in beautiful inns where she and FFIL have stayed in the past that she really wanted us to see (but that we couldn't have afforded on our own). Then we have one more place we need to call during business hours to see if we can get a better rate for two mid-week nights (July through December rates are posted at half of 2010's rates, which are over $300 per night). And then all that will be left is the deejay, really. The dang deejay.

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