Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kind of annoyed

I sent an email last week to the invitation printer letting them know I would be out of town the first week of August, and not to ship anything to me between July 24 and August 8 so that it would not be sent back to them. I got a confirmation from my consultant that nothing would be shipped prior to August 8. Today I get a notification from UPS (I HATE UPS) that my package shipped on July 29 with a July 31 scheduled delivery date.

They are so lucky that the delivery date is tomorrow, because after that, we would be out of town... for too long for the UPS distribution center to hold the package for us. So if we're not home when they deliver (a strong possibility, since we have a lot of errands to run tomorrow), I'll just be checking in fanatically to ensure that they hold the item to be picked up in the evening.

I wish more shipping companies used a vacation hold system like USPS. Which may be the first time I've ever wished anything was more like USPS.


  1. Oh I hope it works out, it sounds quite frustrating, and the last thing you need before going away. Thank you for your lovely comments.

  2. I got them! Of course, it required a tagteam effort between D and I (where one of us always had to be at home, no matter how inconvenient), but they are here and lovely. :)


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