Thursday, July 30, 2009

In search of cake

I admit it: I am not a big fan of wedding cake. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, and what sweet tooth I have is much better satisfied by a tart sorbet than mushy, gooey cake. So maybe it was low blood sugar from an exhausting day of trying on bridesmaid dresses, but when a local baker was handing out samples at the front of David's Bridal a few months back, I was sold on the marble cake-chocolate fudge-bavarian cream goodness.

The only problem: I don't like her cakes. They are fondant only, which is okay when they are beautiful (but they have to be beautiful, because buttercream tastes SO much better). But her cakes aren't beautiful. They are kind of... blah, if the pictures on her website are any indication.

Not quite this bad

So D and I are going cake-tasting tomorrow, and hitting up her bakery first: to see if (1) the cakes taste as good when I'm not dying for lunch, and (2) if any of her more recent creations are any better than the several-years-old pictures on her online portfolio. And if not, we move on!


  1. haha - hopefully you won't have a cake wreck on your hands!

    perhaps you could order a relatively simple cake and then have your florist add flowers to it?

  2. You know, I thought about that... just going for a very simple, clean looking cake (we're going very flower light for the wedding, so florals might not work). But I *really* want a Pakistani henna-inspired design on the cake, and isn't that why we get fondant? For pretty designs on a smooth-faced cake? Because it's definitely not for the taste ;).


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