Monday, September 21, 2009


I passed some major milestones this weekend. First, my wedding is now less than six months from now. Holy moly, where does the time go? And second, I turned another year older and am writing to you now from this side of 28. I think I am done celebrating birthdays, now, and also, I refuse to continue aging as of today. Just so you know. Most women celebrate their 29th birthday over and over again; I am just heading it off at the pass—28, man. This is it.

To aid me in my quest to be carded everywhere because I look under 30 forever, and because my wedding is now only six months away, I'm going back to my tried and true Buff Brides. The program is 24 weeks (which I have never finished in their entirety; I have never gone past week 21!), which is about how much time I have left, so hopefully I can complete it this time. My arms could use a little more toning, and so could my abs, and all of me could use a little less Coca-Cola (I guess I'll work on that, too). Anyway I did Week 1: Monday earlier this morning (yes, I've been up since 5 AM; what's it to you?), so we'll see how it goes over the next few weeks or if my workout gets sacrificed to the sleep gods again. I've also started running with D again now that the smoke has pretty much cleared. Somewhere in there is a good half-inch off the waist!

I should also point out that tomorrow is my ring's first birthday. I have been engaged for 365 days now! (Too long! I'm ready to get married! Except for the pesky offiant problem, and the rest of the to do list, of course.)

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