Friday, August 28, 2009

DIY plans go awry, but so does everything else

When Mr. Spaniel and I first got engaged, we intended to make a lot of the wedding components ourselves. I was most looking forward to making our wedding invitations, but my love affair with letterpress, combined with a good deal on invitations, dashed that hope. Dashed, I tell you!

Well, it looks like I may have my chance to make the invitations, after all. Guess who didn't order enough invitations? That's right, me! I didn't! I'm not sure I can totally be blamed, though. Papa Spaniel told me that he would need twenty invitations: ten for people at work that he wanted to invite, and ten for family members spread across the globe. But his list of invites has grown pretty significantly. We had 86 of 100 invitations accounted for, and now we're at 98. It's simply too close for comfort.

I am getting in touch with my printer to see what they can do about printing 10 or 25 more invites (either letterpress or digital), but the automatically generated price from the website is not promising (in fact, it's nearly what we paid for 100 invites in the first place to order another 25, and it's only digital printing!). But if nothing can be done, I have choices.

1. I could simply print the PDF proofs onto cardstock, and buy extra envelopes. I would probably give these "extra" invites to people who are least likely to notice the difference (which, I hate to say it, are primarily Mr. Spaniel's friends!).

2. I could go nuts, and hand-make the invitations that I would made had I not ordered the letterpress ones: pocket folds!

3. BOTH!

Basically, I'm thinking this:

(invitation proof) (source)

I would either print my proof on cardstock or, if that doesn't look nice because the resolution is too low, I'd go to an older, simpler design of my own. Then, because I like fancy invitations and wouldn't have letterpress anymore, I'd affix the cardstock to a citron-colored mat, and put that inside a black tie-colored pocket fold, and throw the whole thing into a cream-colored envelope (to match the cardstock!). So the invitations wouldn't be letterpressed. So not every invite I send out will completely match each other. My question to you is: who is going to ever know?

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