Sunday, August 30, 2009

Outfitting the Mister

For the longest time (okay, for the last few months, and only since deciding I wanted to be a hennaed bride, really), I've had a fascination with all things paisley:


Since paisley on my dress is obviously not an option (obviously), I got the bright idea that we should incorporate it into the men's attire. (And maybe the cake, but I digress.) I mentioned it to Mr. Spaniel, who seemed receptive, but "couldn't imagine what it would look like."

I had in mind an ivory tie with a gold and silver paisley pattern. I actually had a very clear visualization of it; so clear that I absolutely knew that I would be able to find it, and, if not, find someone to make it: this tie, which may or may not already exist, was exactly the tie that Mr. Spaniel needed to be wearing. A quick search on Google ("ivory+gold+paisley+tie") yielded this:

Paul Malone Silk Tie Set: Golden Paisleys, $29.90 at Tie Drake

It couldn't have been more perfect if a tie designer extracted my thoughts and wove a tie based on them. Especially because that would have been very creepy.

Mr. Spaniel is on-board, so we'll be ordering the set (tie, handkerchief and cufflinks) shortly (and hoping it goes with the black tie/ivory shirt combo I also have in mind). I wish I could find a perfectly matching vest, but maybe it's not necessary. The groomsmen will probably be in ivory-on-ivory paisley accessories, but there is plenty of time for that decision to be made.

One groomsmen-related that is certain: the men will be in awesome socks.


I'm excited to try to keep the men's attire as interesting as the ladies'. Have you seen anything unusual that has caught your eye for the guys? Other than just the hotness of men in tuxes? ;)


  1. love the socks!!!! LOVELOVELOVE IT!!!!!!

    and the paisley tie is to die that too. What a wedding this will be. I hope we all get to see lots of pix! ;)

  2. Yay! There will definitely be pics. ;)


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