Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One more try

I have a meeting with another florist next week. Did I say I would do them myself? Yes. Do I now have a friend who is willing to practice with me and possibly help me on the necessary day? Yes. What I do not have is either of my parents agreeing that it's a good idea, even with all the potential for saving money, or a clear sense that there will be enough time in the days before the wedding to finish this project.

So I found this girl off of Craigslist, and her proposal is not much more than it would cost me to make them myself, given that I have to buy all of the materials and equipment in addition to the flowers. I'm going to have to ask her a few questions, like where she gets her flowers (if she gets them from the flower market, then it won't work out: I can't guarantee they'll have what I want when I want it) and how many weddings she's done in the past (I don't mind being a guinea pig, but reliability is important). AHHHH!!! So nervous. But I think this might be a good thing to get off my back.

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