Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maybe I'll get them a toaster...

One of the items Mr. Spaniel and I were really excited to register for was a soda siphon.


We sort of fancy ourselves as (future) DIY-ers: he has a little herb and vegetable garden growing outside of our apartment door, and I like to make things (both for fun and to save money—mostly we make a lot of our own household cleaners and usually cook from scratch). We also are both really into healthy living, but not because it's always pleasurable—sometimes we have to find little hacks to make doing what's good for us into something we like doing.

Specifically, for me, giving up caffeinated, sugary sodas was (and continues to be) a huge struggle—the only thing I've found that helps at all is drinking coffee or tea in the mornings (getting my caffeine in, which I hear isn't that bad in moderation), and carbonated water with lunch. So I've got the healthy part, but what about the money-saving part? Bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water are expensive, yo, especially when you go through as many of them as I do, so we both thought it would be great(!) to add a soda siphon to our registry.

Now Mama Spaniel likes to keep abreast of what has been purchased from our registries—it's like a new hobby of hers; she checks more closely than I do!—but when she told me that the soda siphon had been purchased, she was laughing. I didn't understand why—it's such a cool and unique gift! But then she explained: apparently, the same way an American couple without a wedding registry is sure to end up with three toasters and two blenders (or so the warnings go), my step-father told her that in Israel, where he's from, every couple ends up with a soda siphon or two as a wedding gift. Huh... how useful! :) Who knew?

Did you learn anything interesting in the registry process?


  1. how cool is THAT??!!! And I love that Mama Spaniel checks even more than you do!!!! Hope that doesn't get outta hand... ;)

  2. We too are registering for a soda siphon! I grew up with one in the house and I miss drinking sparkling water all the time. Love it!

  3. Haha, my mom is totoally going to stalk my registry more than I do :)

  4. yup, i learned that it was a bit overwhelming to think about getting so much stuff...i was at my wits end when i read this article on the blog practically ever after:

    we've since signed-up with deposit a gift and it's changed the whole experience for us.


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