Friday, March 27, 2009

Registry tips

I got an email back in March from The Knot with a link to an article about registering for gifts. I thought it was still a little early for Mr. Spaniel and I to start registering for gifts (which isn't to say I wasn't playing around with online registries at my favorite stores for months already), but The Knot, The Ultimate Authority On All Things Wedding-Related, tells me—first thing!—to register early.
What are you waiting for? Registering should be one of the first tasks you tackle when you get engaged. Friends and relatives will be looking to buy gifts for all those prewedding and engagement bashes. Take the guesswork out of gift buying by making sure they know what you want. You don’t need to complete your list just yet, but at least have a selection for guests to browse.

Okay! I will! After all, this is one of the fun parts!

When I first started thinking about whether or not Mr. Spaniel and I would ever use "fine china," I found this gorgeous set at Macy's. I still love it, but I can't imagine that if we were to register for 12 sets of china at $140 a place setting that we could possibly ever complete our registry... who would be left to buy us the things that we actually sort of need (like cookware that hasn't been handed down four times, after being bought already missing lids at a garage sale)?

Anyway, a little bit of browsing around yielded this porcelain set from Crate and Barrel, which I like almost as much as the first set and, at $149 per four place settings, was just over 25% of the price. And all was well, until I read this article suggesting that banded china is not dishwasher safe! But the Monique Lhuillier set is! And the Crate and Barrel porcelain set is not! And would I want to kick myself if I had to wash 12 sets of dishes by hand after a party? Yes, I think I would.

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