Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alright, a vote

I probably have more ideas for bridesmaid dresses than my own wedding dress. My bridesmaids are all different heights, weights, body shapes, and ages (5'1" to 5'10", mini- to extra-large, and 22-35!), so I am planning to give each of them at least two options so that everyone feels comfortable—because you know what looks better in wedding pictures than everyone matching? Having everyone look happy!

But, I can't put the vote to the girls, because I don't want anyone's feelings to be hurt if they get outvoted. ;) So instead, I put it to you! What say ye? (Note: all of these dresses are in roughly the same price range—from $190 to $230, except for the cheapy Option IV at $135.) Vote below!

Option I
Dessy tea-length lace dress over matte satin. Cap sleeves with deep-V, or strapless with optional spaghetti straps. Black lace; undecided satin color (either black, ivory, venetian gold, or moss—if you vote for these dresses, you can specify the satin color in the comments). Cost: ~$190-220.

Option II
Watters prism shantung knee-length dress. V-neck, or strapless with draped neckline. Olivine two-tone. Cost: ~$190-220

Option III
Vera Wang silk twill and satin cocktail dress. Forest two-tone. Cost: $220 (left), $230 (right).

Option IV
David's Bridal cotton sateen short dress with inseam pockets. Black. Cost: $135 ($115 if I get my dress there also). I actually already have the one with straps in Watermelon for my mom's wedding; it's plain, but fabulously comfortable.

Bridesmaid dress

Which pair of dresses do you think I should choose?

Dessy lace - Black
Watters shantung - Olivine
Vera Wang silk - Forest
David's cotton - Black
 Current Results


  1. I would recomend picking out your dress first. That way you can try to pull out some of the details from your dress for their's. In my experience it helped to narrow the options a bit. My bridesmaids dresses echo the pleated detail from my neckline at the waistline, for instance.

  2. I adore the Vera Wang, but I had to vote for the Watters dress b/c I think it'll be more flattering for a wide variety of shaped women since with its A-line bottom (which doesn't appear to be the case in Vera's dress

  3. You know, I agree with you both.

    Kris: I'll definitely be making the final decision on the bridesmaid dresses after I select my own dress, but most of these are pretty similar (except for the lace) so I don't think it will likely make much difference. And if it does, I can always change my mind! :)

    Paige: I actually am also leaning away from the Vera Wangs because they are so unstructured that I'm afraid the bigger girls won't find them to be very figure-flattering. They are so cute, but probably only on thinner bodies.

  4. I picked #2. I love this dress, but the ones at David's Bridal are really cool too, which I could see actually wearing again.

    and ANYTHING by Vera is ALWAYS "do"!!!!!!

  5. Fabulous options! I would go for either option 2 or 4. Fit and flare dresses like these are almost universally flattering.

    My only concern would be that the majority of the bridesmaids may choose one dress over the other. Then, the girls in the minority might look out of place.

    Also, keep in mind that strapless dresses can be high-maintenance. So, perhaps just suggesting one dress with straps (either strapped version in options 2 or 4), would be optimal, especially since they are virtually the same as their strapless counterpart.

    Hope that helps! You have a fabulous blog, by the way! I'll be following! When is your wedding? Ours is next January, so about 8 months away!


  6. Beth: I think you have awesome taste, because it usually seems to be pretty close to mine. ;)

    Shell: I'm not too worried about strapless dresses being high-maintenance. You and I may find them dreadfully uncomfortable, but some of my bridesmaids have expressed a strong preference for them (unsurprisingly, it's the two skinniest ones, who are also the two youngest), while others have made no secret of wanting straps or sleeves (also unsurprisingly, the two fuller-figured ladies in their 30s). There's only one more, and she hasn't expressed an interest in one over the other, so no one should be terribly outnumbered.


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