Sunday, April 19, 2009

Does this sizing chart make my butt look big?

I was about to breakdown and by that yellow skirt I'd been coveting, until I discovered that, according to VS's sizing chart, my waist is a size 4, while my hips are a size 10. Ack!

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  1. The skirt is lovely! Have you considered getting the skirt altered to fit your shape better? Maybe that might be the way to go.

    Also if you're not going to get professionally done E-pics, get someone w/ a really REALLY good camera. What's what my sister-in-law did. The regular point and shoots doesn't allow for much playing around w/ the lenses. If you can find a friend who's an amateur photog., it makes a big difference. Also, photoshop is your friend.

    G luck and looking forward to seeing the E-pics!

  2. Paige: I'm thinking about ordering it anyway and altering it, but since that will raise the price, I'm going to shop around a little more to see if I can't find one that will fit me a little closer off the rack. Thanks for the photog advice!


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