Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 2

With Day 1 of the Shred down, I can say one thing with certainty: stairs hurt.

Anyway, I've finished Day 2, and there was definitely less pain both during and after. There is no muscle "buzzing" tonight—although there is definitely some tiredness—and the stiff soreness I've had all day went away after the second workout. This really isn't so bad. But, so far at least, it really seems effective. Best of all worlds!

My plan is to do Level 1 tomorrow, then "start" on Monday: two weeks of Level 1, followed by two weeks of Level 2, then two weeks of Level 3. I'm only going to do this Mondays through Fridays, so technically this is still 30 days, right? I'd like to do longer workouts on the weekends (our Ultimate Frisbee games usually last 90 minutes at fairly high intensity, so I don't think another 20 minutes is really necessary). I've been doing this in the evenings after work, and I'd like to eventually add some core-strengthening yoga in the mornings before work... if I can ever get myself awake that early, anyway.

When the 30 days are up, I'll either figure out a new plan, or go back to Buff Brides. Poor Buff Brides. It's such a good workout, but once you actually get good at it and have to move to the advanced level? It takes forever. Who has that kind of time?

Anyone else struggling with their fitness routine?

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