Thursday, July 9, 2009


One of my co-interns just bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend and is surprising her with it next weekend, after "letting it slip" to her that he didn't think a proposal would happen until after graduation (two years from now for him). He gave himself a quick education in diamond selection, then went ahead and purchased a huge stone (like, HUGE) on day 2 of shopping.

Why do I tell you this? Because I kind of wish, sometimes, that D would have done some of this without me. ;) As much as I appreciated being part of the selection process (pretty much the whole part of it, actually) and love the ring I ended up with, I might have liked to be surprised a little more than I let on... I just didn't want to wait anymore!

Oh well. :) We have lots of anniversaries for him to surprise me. ;) I'll just try not to hint too heavily that he should!


  1. how exciting for him! hope she says yes! :)

    your ring is lovely, so i hope you don't have too many regrets! :P

  2. No regrets! :) Just things to look forward to. ;)


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