Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The centerpieces have arrived!

Yesterday was an exciting day in wedding planning land. Late in the day, I decided to check the status of my centerpiece order, only to discover that they had been delivered to D's parents house that morning! And how... there were 10 boxes, and they were HUGE. They had been stacked on the deck in the backyard; there was no room in the house!

Blame the poor quality on my camera phone, but for a sense of scale, the thing behind the boxes is a large barbecue grill!
(personal image)

To make sure we received everything and ensure that nothing was broken, we opened every single box (and the box within, and the box within). I was pretty impressed with the shipping packaging; everything was well cushioned and nothing was cracked or chipped. And once we got rid of the outer packaging and consolidated by putting each candle in its respective vase, we were able to fit them all in the trunk of my car to bring them home.

(personal image)

I'll show you the "finished" centerpieces in a future post, because I think they'll look better in the proper context—table linens, place settings, and scattered rose petals—and also because I don't want to carry any of these suckers up the stairs and into my apartment right now. (I'll also find my regular camera for you guys so you can actually see them!)

I'm especially pleased with Save-On-Crafts.com for their great customer service (a few errors were made in the ordering process, which were corrected without a hitch) and their packaging, which kept everything safe. I'll be ordering some more items from them as the date approaches, I'm pretty sure, mostly crafting tools and floral supplies.

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